Astrology is a Crock of Shit

I consider myself to be a very open minded person, but astrology is such a ridiculous concept, and I keep running into people that take it seriously, so I decided I had to make a blog about why I think its nothing but superstitious nonsense. I would hesitate to even call it a pseudoscience as it would give pseudoscience a bad name.

I’m trying not to bash on anyone’s beliefs, but it’s so ridiculous and impractical that I can’t see how anyone could take it seriously. There is zero science behind it and if anyone that did believe it went and did some actual research on the subject, they would probably find it to be a bunk as well. Now when I say “research”, I’m not talking about in-depth horoscope about Gemini’s, but actually reading some essays debunking its legitimacy.

Do you really think that a planets or stars position that is thousands of light-years away has an effect on you? I find it to be very unlikely that the day, month, and year I was born has any correlation to my personality. Some of these planets and stars aren’t even in our solar system so even gravity couldn’t have an effect. You might as well take into account the position of the grains of sand when you were born.

Astrology is essentially uneducated guesses. It is nothing but general statements that could apply to anybody. This is called the Barnum and Forer effect or personal validation fallacy, which is also used in fortune telling. When you read your horoscope, this is what you’re unconsciously doing: you “inflate” all the hits and “deflate” all the misses.

What Forer (a psychology professor) did was he gave his students a personality test, and then gave them a personality analysis supposedly based on the test’s results. He invited each of them to rate the analysis on a scale from 0 (very poor) to 5 (excellent) as it applied to themselves, the average was 4.26. He then revealed that each student had been given the exact same analysis.

I read my horoscope from time to time for entertainment, as many other people probably do, but there are some people that take it seriously, and treat it as factual information. Do you take fortune cookies seriously? It’s the equivalent.