Dog Mountain, WA – 2020

Rather than traveling to far distant places on the opposite side of the planet, due to the current global situation we’re forced to find places to visit close to home in order to satiate the desire for adventure. Dog Mountain trail is roughly a 6 mile hike round trip, but with a somewhat torturous elevation gain of about 2,800 ft. It’s located in Washington along the Columbia River Gorge and only about an hour from home.

Vietnam – 2019

After Singapore, we visited Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) > Hanoi > Dong Hoi > Buon Ma Thuot. When I first arrived, the culture shock was real (although it could have also been the fact I was very much disoriented from the sleep deprivation, not having any idea what time it was, and not knowing where I was).

The first thing I noticed was just how different traffic is in Vietnam. Technically there are traffic laws, but more like traffic suggestions and horns/blinkers are used for different purposes. The major cities Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi and very busy cities an chaotic.

Visiting smaller cities was certainly more calm though being a giant 6′ 4″ tall albino did get me a ton of curious looks from the natives. At one point I had a group of older Vietnamese women surround me and begin taking photos with me… That aside, Vietnam’s countryside is absolutely one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited.

Singapore – 2019

Singapore is an interesting place especially when you compare it to the rest of southeast Asia. Being a small country formerly part of Malaysia, Singapore is like a tiny pocket of super-capitalism – the business capital of southeast Asia. The county lacks natural beauty but has some impressive man-made structures such as the Gardens by the Bay. I did visit Universal Studios in Singapore (by accident as we were just trying to find a beach) and the entire place had an unnatural theme park vibe. The city itself interesting because it feels like it was once a 3rd world country that became a 1st world country in a very short span of time.